Massage Chair Max pride ourselves on offering the finest Massage Chairs at the best possible prices. Many of our customers have always wondered what type of Warranty Coverage they can expect from the Manufacturer and how they can get Extended Warranty coverage for extra peace of mind. We have assembled all of the information in one place for you. If this does not answer any question you may have, please be sure the Live Chat feature or contact us directly.

  • Massage Chair Max guarantees that the massage chairs come with a three year limited warranty (Three years from date of purchase).
  • During the first year, the warranty covers free maintenance and repair for any defect in workmanship or materials.
  • During the second and third year, the warranty covers  the cost of parts,  excluding labor.
  • You may obtain service advice by contacting the Massage Chair Max Customer Service department toll-free at (800) 550-0819.

Warranty FAQ

Extended Warranty Service Plans can be purchased online, contact us first, we will send you the link.

Yes, the remote control that came with the product is covered. The reprogramming of the remote control is not covered.

Generally, the amount of a deductible is almost always proportional to the amount of the premium charged. To have a lower deductible, even as low as $0, the plan holder would have to agree to a higher premium. For those who want lower premiums, they must agree to a higher deductible. Our extended service plans carry a $0.00 deductible along with low premiums. This means that with an extended service plan there are no high upfront costs and they are committed to cover 100% parts and labor costs on any authorized claim.

We providers use new and refurbished parts depending on availability.

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