5 Best Back Massage Chair Positions for Females (Best Massage Chair 2020)

Varieties of Massage carriage

Back Massage Chair

A fixed carriage back massage chair is usually a rectangular frame mounted in low-level chairs on which stationary massage rollers are mounted. Because the rollers do not move, they sometimes do not achieve great massage quality.

Basically, the rollers just move in place. If the sore spots in your back are aligned with the position of the rollers, then this can lead to a good, but not exceptional massage. If not, you will get below average results.

Please note that in modern variations of mechanisms, a fixed carriage is used in combination with moving rollers, but in these cases the rollers are limited to move only along the Y and X axes. The frame does not correspond to the curvature of your spine, which means that the resulting massage will be of inferior quality.

S-shaped carriage back massage chair

Unlike a fixed carriage, this shape follows the contour of the user’s spine. The rollers installed in such a carriage run from the neck to the coccyx and can provide excellent massage.

L-shaped carriage

This latest L-Track massages chair technology or LS-Track hybrid massage chair. Moreover, it combines a standard S-shaped elongated carriage that curves under the seat to allow massage from the neck, along the back to the buttocks.

Massage rollers

Rollers are a device used for massage. Back massage chair Manufacturers now provide for the use of four-roll casters, although as an economy, some chairs use three or twin rolls. There are several models that use a row of six rollers.

The basic rule: more rollers – better massage.

Back Massage Chair in china

Remember when we mentioned that some low-cost models use older technology? So, in such chairs, instead of rollers, stationary massage heads or double pairs of rollers are used.

They usually do not achieve the desired massage effect, but this option is considered the best of the budget options, without worsening the overall impression.

Roller adjustment technology

There are four back massage chair options here

Without regulation technology.

This is quite rare, but some back massage chair chairs do not have any caster adjustment. If they coincide with the pain points of your body, you will receive a quality massage. If not, you’re out of luck, unless you want to fidget in your chair to get to the point of contact.

3D body scan.

This is a common method for adjusting the position of massage rollers and their width. Each time you use the seat, the on-board computer scans the pressure points and adjusts the position of the casters accordingly.

Manual adjustment.

Some chairs do not have automatic caster adjustment, but are adjusted using buttons on the remote control. It will certainly take a little longer than automatic adjustment to position the rollers correctly. But this ensures that they will massage where you need them.

Combined option.

These chairs offer the best of both worlds, offering the convenience of body scanning and manual adjustment using a remote control. Of course, this functionality is present in more expensive chairs and most users think this is a great investment.

Zero gravity back massage chair

This important feature is included in some massage chairs. It enhances the massage experience by placing the wearer in a position so that the knees are raised slightly above the heart.  Thus creating a feeling of weightlessness and allowing body weight to be pressed more tightly against the massage mechanisms, which in turn allows the rollers to massage deeper.

Back Massage Chair 2021

About a third of the massage chairs on the market have a Zero-G function. In such models 1-3 variants of zero gravity.

Infrared heating

Most back massage chair are now used in combination with massage – IR heating. The vast majority of them only offer it in the lumbar region.

Some contain more intense heat. For example in the foot massage area, others offer more intense back heating built into the carriage.

Body stretching function

This function is considered to be the most effective, providing a therapeutic effect in a massage chair. It provides relief from back pain by relieving pressure from pinched discs in the spine.

Please note that there are two main options for stretching: at the waist and hips.

Talk to your doctor about using this feature for your medical conditions, as with some back problems, overuse of stretching can do more harm than help.

Acupressure modes

This is another fantastic feature that allows you to interrupt any massage program and focus the rollers on the exact area of ​​the body where they are needed.

Ankle and foot back massage chair

About two thirds of the devices on the market are equipped with foot massage. Most often, calf massage is performed using air cushions, and foot massage using rollers.

More expensive models have advanced features such as a three or four roller system for massage of the feet, as well as advanced features such as Shiatsu foot massage, warming up the feet, gripping the Achilles foot, etc.

Saving space (Zero-Space)

This is a pretty important feature that saves space in the room. Most back massage chair require a gap of up to 50 cm between the back of the chair and the wall next to which you decide to place it.

For chairs with this function, only 10 cm of free space is required between the back of the chair and the wall.

Height adjustment

Basically, the chair models are suitable for people with a height of 180 to 190 cm. About half of the ones on the market today are equipped with a module with a foot massage, which in some models has a feature that can be pulled out so that a user with a height of 190 cm can feel comfortable and enjoy the massage …

MP3 support back massage chair

This is perhaps one of the nice features, because after all, who doesn’t enjoy listening to their favorite music while enjoying a relaxing massage?

There are three possible options for implementing this function in chairs:
  • Using an SSD memory card. This option is considered the most inconvenient from the point of view of users.
  • Via a USB port that allows you to download music to a flash drive and connect it to the chair.
  • Bluetooth connection. This option allows you to wirelessly connect your phone to the speakers in your chair.

Air ionization

Ionization function, offered in only 10% of seats. This is a rather rare feature of massage chairs that some users believe increases relaxation when a light stream of ionized air is blown into the face during massage.

Light therapy

Experts believe that the soft glow of the LEDs installed in the back massage chair. And performing the chromotherapy function is very relaxing, especially when combined with music.

Massage Chairs Memorizing programs

This feature is almost as popular as music playback. Most of the massage chairs that have the function of memorizing massage programs have the ability to memorize up to 8 settings.

This back massage chair feature is appreciated because you can create your ideal massage combination and then save so that you can play it later at the touch of a button. The more functions the chair has, the more combinations you can store. Or for example, if your family members like other programs, they can also save them.


So, now that you have some idea of ​​the available functions presented in massage chairs, the fun begins.

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