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body Massage Chairs

8 Best Automatic body Massage Chairs: Pros and Cons

TOP Massage Rocking Chairs

body Massage Chairs

In total, the body massage chair includes 4 main types of massage – tapping, acupuncture, vibration and warm-up. Additionally, the depth of treatment is adjusted, reflecting the strength of the impact. For more demanding users, there is a manual setting system that allows you to implement another 29 working combinations.

The model has rather limited settings for the position of the pads and stops, so you should definitely sit in an armchair before buying it. For tall people, it is better to choose a unit with a wider range of adjustments.

There is an auto-adjustment;Not suitable for very tall users.
29 manual modes. 

TOP massage rocking chairs

This category of the systems under consideration combines several types of armchairs at once. The presence of arcuate runners allows the user to swing. These movements help calm the nervous system, which, when combined with a pleasant massage, can become a favorite evening activity.

Medisana RC 410

Despite the modest appearance of this model, it successfully fulfills all the main tasks that can be expected from such a chair. Of course, there are not enough side stops and a pillow for the lower back, but there are special drive rollers that produce a full-fledged back massage in a given mode.

The RC 410 body massage chair will appeal to textile floor lovers. The back will not sweat no matter what clothes the wearer is wearing. There are three operating modes. The intensity of each can be adjusted. For those who like to fall asleep rocking in a chair, there is a timer that can be programmed to turn off automatically after 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

The chair is very light – 25 kg;No back cushions or leg curves.
The structure has retro-style elements made of wood. 


OTO Grand Life OT-2007: body massage chair

The chair from OTO Grand Life was designed so that the user could sleep in it without consequences for his body. There is a pillow for the neck and back, the first pad can be adjusted in height. The servos are positioned to target the main tension zones in the back, legs and buttocks.

OT-2007 will be appreciated by those who try to select all interior elements in accordance with the general style, since this chair can be purchased in several colors. At the same time, it is possible to choose both the main shade and the color of the armrests, pillows. The rest of the day of the legs is adjusted to the height of the user.

Separately, the presence of the heating function is noted. This option will be useful when you need to warm up in the autumn or winter. The intensity of the heater can be changed. This representative of the rating of the best massage chairs for home is a good option for spending an evening on the balcony or in a gazebo. 

And if you supplement it with a headset for reading minds , which will soon go on retail sale, then you can even not get up from your favorite place and telepathically send requests to your loved ones to bring food or drink.

There is built-in heating;The sitting position of the user is not provided.
With an abundance of additional options, it weighs only 14 kg. 


EGO Wave EG-2001: body massage chair

This classic design body massage chair will be a great addition to your study or library room. The colors of the wood elements and upholstery can be customized in the colors desired by the client. The model belongs to the premium segment of massage systems.

body Massage Chairs 2021

The user has the ability to adjust the direction and intensity of the rollers. There are 3 main modes of massaging. Cold evenings will help brighten up the heating system for the back and seats. The variable position of the massage rollers is provided. You can adjust the distance between them.

There is a heating system;The position and angle of the backrest cannot be adjusted.
Nice classic look. 

Best Office Massage Chairs

Sedentary work, which is common in office workers, negatively affects blood circulation in the body. In some cases, the person simply forgets to get up and stretch. To make the workflow more comfortable and safe, a whole line of office massage chairs is available. The models of these devices have a stricter fit; in some cases, such units are supplemented with a movable base on casters.

Yamaguchi eclipse

Outwardly, this body massage chair resembles a cozy capsule. The side walls will provide good fixation for all parts of the back. An additional plus will be a positive psychological perception of such a construction.

 The human brain designates the closed back and sides as the most protected, which means that while in the Yamaguchi Eclipse there will be less sensory activity. As a result, emotional stress is reduced.

There are two ways to control it. Among them are the classic remote control and an application downloaded to a tablet or smartphone. The latter provides a wider range of adjustments.

A total of 40 massage elements are involved;There is no roll base to roll out, which is important for an office chair.
There is control via a smartphone. 

US Medica Chicago: body massage chair

This is a more classic office model. It has everything you need for a long and comfortable sitting position. The leg is equipped with swivel castors. The backrest tilt and hardness can be adjusted.

The massage system is combined: there are vibrating elements and rollers. Depending on the desired result, you can adjust the load and the intensity of the impact. 

There are restrictions on the maximum user weight. It should not exceed 100 kg. Seat heating is additionally installed. And if a piece of furniture is chosen not for an office employee, but for a gamer, then you should switch your attention to the rating of gaming chairs – although they do not massage, they allow you to maintain anatomically correct body position for a long time.

High back 80 cm;User weight limitation.
Swivel mobile design. 

Zenet ZET 1100 Massage Chair

This body massage chair model has become the best representative of the rating of massage chairs for the office. Despite the fairly affordable price tag, this unit has most of the advantages of more expensive premium systems. Separately, a wide seat is distinguished; its transverse size reaches 64 cm. Despite the large working area, a minimum distance of 6 cm is maintained between the rollers.

ZET 1100 massage is performed in several modes, for additional heating in cold weather a powerful infrared heater is provided. There are 3 modes of vibration and kneading by rollers in total.

Wide armchair;The frame uses plastic structural elements.
There is a timer and an infrared heater. 

The best vending massage chairs

On long flights or shopping malls, many need periodic rest. It is for such consumers that vending massage chairs design. It is enough to install such a device in a crowded place and expect a surge of consumers who are ready to pay for a few minutes of a relaxing procedure.

iRest T-102: body massage chair

This representative of the TOP seats has quite flexible settings for the physical parameters of a person. Also, the developers provided for several types of massage, among which there are classic European and Asian shiatsu.

The system is designed for completely autonomous use without a specially trained operator. Settings are made using a simple control panel. It is enough to insert money into the bill receiver and enjoy the process in accordance with the tariff entered by the administrator.

Ease of operation;There is no option for payment by credit card.
Several types of massage are available. 



At the pace of modern life, a person has less and less time for himself. That is why moments of relaxation acquire a new price in the eyes of society. A high-quality automatic body massage chair, which the chairs listed in this rating can produce, will help not only restore physical strength, but also relieve the emotional stress accumulated during the day.

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