8 Best iRest massage Chair sale: 2021 Best Chair for Massage

Why iRest is the best massage company?

massage Chair sale

We present to your presentation and more detailed information about the largest manufacturer of massage chair sale – the Irest Company.

We are sure that this presentation will help you learn more about iRest and make the right choice when choosing massage equipment.

Who is Irest Massage Chair?

iRest is a trademark of the largest factory in China.  It occupies a leading position in Southeast Asia for the production of Irest massage chairs.

Thanks to the quality, Irest massage chairs and other products of the company have earned respect all over the planet. And they are in demand in more than 65 countries in the Middle East, America, Europe, and China.

Numerous international certifications obtained for Irest massage chairs guarantee the quality of our products: ISO9001 certificate, CE, UL, ROHS, FDA and GMP certificates.

Why massage chair sale is popular?

Generally, Irest massage chair sale have been sold in China for many years and are popular. Reasonable price, excellent design, excellent quality and functionality are the keys to success for Irest in our country.

These awards are a confirmation of our merits in the development of the Irest brand in China. Therefore, it is the result of a great many years of work and fruitful cooperation between the companies.

Irest massage chairs – discover the world of pleasure and health

As you know, health is the key to success. Each of us wants to be healthy, vigorous, beautiful and energetic, always in a good mood, so that good luck is accompanied in all areas. And we know: in order not to get sick, you need to move more. You need to engage in physical education, sports, but not everyone has time to visit gyms and salons.

However, there is an excellent tool that people have been using for several centuries in order to improve and tone up. Furthermore, it’s about massage. It helps not only to maintain health and youth, but also to defeat diseases. The services of a professional, alas, in our difficult time, not everyone can afford. But the massage chairs Irest are able to replace the hands of a masseur.

At their core, these chairs include everything from any type of massage, massage area to the place of application.

How does massage chair work?

In a reclining position, you sit in a comfortable massage chair, take a relaxed position and an automatic machine from the category “Massage Chairs Irest” gently and smoothly massage your neck, spine, buttocks, and calves.

The Irest massage chairs provide the right massage at all levels. With their help, with regular use, the elasticity and mobility of the joints improves. Moreover, blood pressure decreases, the state of health improves with hypertension, blood circulation improves, and headaches subside, memory and hearing improve.

The daily use of the Irest massage chair sale allows you to improve your posture, well-being, cheer you up, and reduces the risk of a herniated disc. Everyone wants to be healthy and have healthy children with beautiful posture.

It should be noted that the Irest massage chairs are equipped with a special four- roller system and air cushions.

What makes Irest different from others?

massage Chair sale 2021

Among other things, irest massage chairs have a number of auto-programs that perform a given type of massage for certain parts of the body: back, legs, neck. Despite the fact that the massage is done programmatically, it is performed professionally, this is what distinguishes the irest massage chairs from others.

The irest massage chairs have an elegant look, and their upholstery is made of modern, environmentally friendly and durable material.

â–º Massage chair (model SL-A18Q)

An elegant and stylish massage chair, combining rich functionality, will allow you to feel a charge of vivacity and positive mood for the whole day. This model of massage chair will help you not only to effectively relax. Thanks to the rich massage and jade heaters, but also to do it with your favorite music, using the MP3 player!

â–º Massage chair (model SL-A25)


It is a beautiful, elegant and multifunctional massage chair sale with which you can enjoy not only a pleasant massage with any music, but also improve your health. This chair model has a function for heating the back and feet (carbon fiber and nephritis as an infrared emitter).

â–º Massage chair (model SL-A27): massage chair sale

  Respectable and elite massage chair. Immediately before the royal massage, it performs a three-dimensional scan of the whole body. Hence, it is to identify problem areas and is adjusted specifically for you. The massage takes place to the beat of your favorite music. Easy and simple operation through a color LCD controller. Moreover,  the chair is also equipped with jade heaters.

â–º Massage chair (model SL-A26)

Generally, it is a noble and graceful massage chair. Together with the harmony of style, this model of the chair has absorbed all the best that the massage technology industry has to offer.

An excellent varied relaxing massage together with jade heaters will give you not only a fabulous feeling, but also help relieve muscle pain and tension. Thanks to the MP3 player, you can massage to the beat of your favorite music. Therefore, the massage chair sale is very easy to operate using the LCD display.

  Vending massage chair SL-T102

This model of a vending chair has appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already managed to prove itself well with a royal and controlled massage, thanks to the built-in very convenient panel for the client.

Basically, the massage chair looks really gorgeous and stands out from others.

  Vending massage chair A28-2 Italian style

This model is the real perfection of exquisite Italian design and superb heavenly massage. Massage chair Irest A28-2 Italian style came into vending and selected all the best from the series of legendary home chairs A28 and A28-1, which are currently breaking all sales records in the retail segment of the China market.

That is why marketing research shows that the A28-2 Italian style model will take its rightful place and will be very popular in the massage chair sale vending segment: having tried massage in this chair, the client will return to it again and again.          

  Vending massage chair A31-1

Model A31-1 is a unique combination of technology with an elegant and stylish design. This model of massage chair came to vending from the segment of massage chairs for the home. And everyone knows that massage chairs for home use are distinguished by amazing massage and significant comfort.

Irest engineers carried out a whole range of measures to modernize the A31-1 model. These implementations made it possible not only to increase the fault tolerance of the equipment many times over, but also to preserve the excellent massage of the home massage chair. In the A31-1, Irest engineers have brought the best in massage technology to the business.            

  Vending massage chair SL-A17: massage chair sale

100% reliability and proven quality of this massage chair sale on the vending market is the key to success!

Beautiful graceful shapes, modern design and a luxurious pleasant massage will not leave your clients indifferent.

This model will take its rightful place in places with a thoughtful interior. The control panel and remote control holder can be freely unfastened from the armrest.

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