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OOTORI full body electric massage chair 2021

A Comprehensive Review of OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair

Review of OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair

Body pain and aches are common problems among people, especially among office workers. The situation can get even worse if you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and regular massage. It is understood the most people, especially jobholders do not find much time to visit gyms or massage centers to relax their body. Therefore, there should be something like an OOTORI full body electric massage chair to get relief from constant pains and aches. However a massage chair is a somewhat big investment, it offers a great relaxing experience as a perfect replacement to massage.

 OOTORI full body electric massage chair

When looking for a full-body massage chair, there are a few essential things you must look for. For instance, the recline angle, roller mechanism, and airbags, etc. are a few essential features that an effective massage chair should have. Fortunately, the OOTORI full-body electric massage chair comes with all such features. Let’s dive deep into the complete specifications and features of this full-body massage chair.

OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair Specifications

It is a full-body electric massage chair that you will get in 3 packages; armrest, backrest, and seat. Normally, all three packages are delivered at the same time. However, you may also receive one or two package(s) after one or two days of the first package delivery. You can get the OOTORI full body electric massage chair in leather-black and leather-brown colors. Here are the complete specifications of this chair.

  • Model number: N500 Pro
  • Max. load weight: 242.5Lbs
  • Massage robot: eight-point rollers
  • Total number of airbags: 16
  • Product measurements: 43.30” x 31.3” x 44.88”
  • Rated voltage: 110V/60Hz

This massage chair comes with a three-year warranty. You can get your massage chair repaired or replaced within the first three years of purchase without any cost. OOTORI also

Why Choose OOTORI Full-Body Electric Massage Chair?

There are so many massage chairs available on the market so that you can easily get confused between them. Therefore, the OOTORI full body electric massage chair can be a straightforward choice for you because of its many high-quality features. This massage chair is a perfect gift-giving option for the next Christmas and Thanksgiving for your friends and family. It is one of the most practical and economical massage chairs available on the market.

It comes with zero gravity, soothing heat, a foot roller, a full-body airbag, and vibration, etc. Here are the complete features of this full-body electric massage chair:

1. Eight Point Smart Massage System

One of the key features of the OOTORI full-body massage chair is its eight-roller smart massage system. This feature matches your back contours automatically and adjusts perfectly with your body shape. Ultimately, you will experience a customized and effective massage. The chair’s eight-point system along and air massage works together to provide a complete body massage. It helps you get relief from pain and stress.

2. Zero Gravity Function

Stress is one of the main causes of discomfort and pain in your body. Gravity is the main player that constantly plays its role in developing stress. The OOTORI full body electric massage chair assists you in fighting against stress with the help of a zero-gravity feature. This feature positions the human body in the most ideal way to minimize the gravity effects on the spine. This accurate positioning assists you in feeling more weightless, energized, and stress-free during and after the massage.

3. Acupuncture-Like Foot Roller

Foot rollers are located below both footrests that stimulate particular acupuncture points, helping you get relief from body stress and muscle tension. This chair has an auto air massage function that applies gentle pressure downwards simultaneously on lower legs. As a result, the massage chair offers you the deepest and relaxing massage possible.

4. Comforting Heat

Heated therapy is an effective way of dilating blood vessels. As a result, it improves the nutrients and oxygen flow, which helps in healing damaged tissues. This massage chair uses comforting heat with effective massage to renew and relieve your sore muscles and aching. It is a function that makes this massage chair a superior option to many other massage chairs available on the market.

5. Seat Vibration

Soothing vibration is helpful in detoxifying, stimulating, and relaxing surface tissues. As a result, it encourages helps the blood circulate better in your groin. Fortunately, the OOTORI full body electric massage chair comes with the seat vibration feature.

6. Re-Engineered Air Massage

This massage chair comes with a re-engineered and upgraded air massage design. This system minimizes the number of valves and airbags while increasing the coverage of the surface simultaneously. With this design, there are minimal chances of airbag malfunctions. It also helps in a complete massage and overall better quality.

The above-discussed features make OOTORI full-body electric massage chair a perfect massage chair. Apart from OOTORI, IREST is another top brand that you can trust, when it comes to buying high-quality massage chairs. This brand also offers a range of full-body massage chairs with exceptional features and quality.

 OOTORI full body electric massage chair 2021

Before You Buy!

However the OOTORI full body electric massage chair seems a perfect option, but your final decision still depends on a few essential factors. You still have the choice to compare this chair with other massage chairs from top brands like IREST. Your selection of the massage chair should depend on the following factors:

  • Features of the massage chair
  • Your budget
  • Durability
  • Ease of repair
  • Warranty and customer support

The best thing about the OOTORI massage chair is that you get all the above-listed benefits with their chair. The OOTORI N500 Pro is a solid leather material massage chair that will last for a longer lifespan. This chair is available at a very economical price on Amazon, especially for the features that it offers.

You will get product repair and replacement for the first three years without paying anything. Moreover, you can also ask for an additional warranty for an extended timespan. Therefore, this OOTORI massage chair is a perfect deal for those looking for a practical and economical massage chair with all essential features for a complete body massage.

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