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sl track massage chair

Difference Between S, L, and SL Track Massage Chair

SL track massage chair is the most advanced technology that treats hamstrings, glutes, and piriformis muscles

You may have heard multiple terms whenever you faced a chance to visit the massage chair market. There are varying terms that are prominent to distinguish between different types of chairs. Amongst them, the most advanced one is the SL track massage chair. These differences thereby are based on the types of a specification that each chair contains. However, the most pertinent factor whilst selecting the massage chairs is to look at what is inside. This is because the quality and the features depend upon the internal technology. Each massage chair thereby carries a specific technology behind it.

 sl track massage chair

What is a massage roller?

Massage rollers are the basic tools that you find common in every massage chair. Furthermore, the placement of these massage rollers is also common in all the chairs. In SL track massage chair and other variants, the massage rollers lie in two distinctive tracks. One is the long track that is situated in the backside and the other is the short track which is available in the footrests. However, the most important one is the long track that supports our backs. This is because most of the massage magic happens in the long track.

Additionally, other than just massage techniques the rollers play a crucial role in kneading, knocking, tapping as well as shiatsu. All these techniques are possible through the help of massage rollers. Nevertheless, all these limits by which the roller acts depend upon the type of track used in the chair. This is the reason, eventually, the tracks in the massage chair are critical.

How Does A Massage Chair Work?

The most common methods in massage chairs are L track, S track, and SL track massage chair technologies. These technologies prefer special movements of the massage rollers or arms in the backrest or seats. The overall process follows the same procedure as the hands of an expert masseur. Depending upon the type of technology, the L track system improves your buttocks and thighs. Whereas, S track system treats and massages your spinal cord. However, the SL track carries the characteristic of both the previous technologies.

S Track Massage Chair

The first technology and massage chair are the S track. The name S track comes from the shape of the roller track. By this, it means that the roller track travels from up to down like an S shape curve. In comparison to that of the SL track massage chair, the S track mimics the exact shape of the human spinal cord. This helps in getting the defective backbone in its real shape.


The starting point of this track starts from the head, goes through the neck, shoulders, and down to the tail bone. This process repeats in both directions. Consequently, the massage technique, therefore, is feasible for those who are in a need of a good stretch. Also, it helps in treating and reclining back the spinal cord. Additionally, with the help of 3D and 4D massage characteristics, the S track system works with more precision.

L Track Massage Chair

After reading the category, it may sound like an obvious phenomenon about L track chairs. Unlike, SL track massage chair, the L track massage chair differs in shape. This type of chair shapes exactly like “L”. the basic advantage of the L track chair is that it covers the maximum area starting from the back of the head down to the buttocks. Sciatic pain, as well as lower back pain, are the problems that get treated very well using L track massage chairs. The chair, therefore, equips a technology that stretches the muscle joining the spinal cord with hips and other lower areas.


However, the precision and the quality of massage for the neck and shoulders that the S track provides are not available in the L track system. This is because the precision in terms of stretch for the neck and shoulder is more apparent in the S track. Nonetheless, some new models in the market equip 3D and 4D technologies. This eventually helps in getting a more precise neck and shoulder massage.

SL Track Massage Chair

The amalgamation and conglomeration of dual technologies as the S track and L track is the SL track massage chair. This technology helps in covering and massaging the places starting from the neck to the buttocks. It thereby contours the spinal cord, however, also covering the glute area. This technology moreover is the development of the L track method. Additionally, it is now visible in new models which are even compact in shape.

The massage chair covers the S track linear guidelines that cover the curved upper part of the body by adapting to the natural shape of the spinal cord. Through this method, the chair covers the massage from the neck to the thighs. On the other hand, the L track feature covers the glute and the buttock area.

Difference Between S Track and L Track  

To understand the difference between different track technologies in massage chairs, it is imperative to differentiate different tracks. The user faces a critical question of which one is better. Is it the S track or the L track? However, the difference depends upon the need of the users. This is because there is every kind of massage chair available in the market. These chairs carry specific sizes, colors, shapes, and genders. All these models work perfectly fine. But the problem lies that every single individual is different. Hence, choosing the right track for you and your body is critical.

As a layman, understanding the difference between track terminologies and technical descriptions is a very difficult task.  For this reason, hence, the customer must ask an expert opinion. This is because these high-tech terminological terms may look attractive, interesting, and enigmatic. However, the actual meaning is complex.

The name of the S track comes from the sinusoidal track. It is the same as the human spinal cord. The S track works by paying attention to the details of the human body. However, the L track is the extension of the S track that even reaches the hamstring muscles as well.

sl track massage chair 2021

Difference Between L Shape and SL Shape

The most commonly appreciated and enjoyable track technology are L shape and SL shape. This is because these features are most astonishing in massage chairs. Those who never had an experience of massage chairs may feel more surprising and excited with the long massage range. Apart from these, the chairs help us in treating spines, thighs, and buttock muscles. These muscles are the most for granted undervalued muscles. Yet it is a common observation that the buttock muscle is the only muscle that allows humans to even stand on their feet.

Additionally, besides this, the L shape and SL shape chairs not only treat the muscle but also includes the overall circulation of the blood. The shape, firmness, and roundness of the buttocks also effect due to these chairs. Also, the height of the buttocks improves. Not only this the chair also helps in preventing the chances of stretch marks in the body. Last but not least, the buttock muscles also bear an anti-cellulite effect.

The importance of SL track and L track chairs comes to the surface when it is not possible for masseurs. This is because, being honest, the buttock muscle is the most intimate part of the body. For this reason, hence, for masseurs, it causes sometimes uneasiness. This is the time when you are in great need of massage chairs.

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