irest massage Chair: Best massage Chair for your Home in 2020

What is the best massage chair? 

irest massage Chair

When looking for your massage chair, consider things like dimensions, quality of upholstery, maximum user weight and height, and number of functions. In terms of size, a good massage chair should fit your body, but at the same time shouldn’t take up much room in the room. Make sure the device will massage the whole body, not just the back and neck, if you do not need to target only those areas. 

Ask your manager or check it yourself if the chair has different massage styles, intensity settings and modes to choose from. Keep in mind that adjustments on the massage chair are essential for effective therapy. Based on surveys of our customers and the ratio of available characteristics, we believe that the irest massage chair is at the top of this list – New in 2020!

Best massage chair according to the ranking of 2020 – Irest massage chair!

Why did we choose this particular model? 

 You can also customize the chair to suit you, choosing between 5 massage intensity levels and 5 roller positioning modes, which make the massage more precise and comfortable. And thanks to the Sliding function, this chair can be placed close to the wall, which will significantly save space in your apartment or house. 

And this, of course, is not the whole range of advantages that the Irest massage chair has. There is also a disadvantage – it is a high price. Many benefits come at a price.

Massage is one of the best things you can do for your tired, exhausted body. Buying a massage chair can be a cost effective way to massage daily from the comfort of your home. There are various types of these devices that work to eliminate accumulated fatigue or even relieve pain.

The massage chair that you buy for your home must match you, the space constraints of the room where you plan to install this device, and your lifestyle. Only you can decide which one is best for your needs.

Irest massage chair is a universal massage chair suitable for any type of user according to the buyer’s opinion. It ranks second according to our statistics.

A little about the benefits of massage chairs!

A massage chair is a specialized chair with built-in vibration or motion-based motors that provide various types of massage. They resemble office chairs, soft chairs, or other common options.

Massage chairs are powered by electricity and almost always use a power source from an outlet, only some office massage chairs have a built-in battery.

Most of them come with a wired or wireless remote control that will help you switch between different cycles, settings, and so on, to customize the massage according to the user’s current need.

Irest massage chair: Best for therapeutic massage

In all cultures, therapeutic massage techniques promote healing and health by improving circulation and detoxifying the body. Massage treatments can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to over an hour. 

During this time, the person enjoying the massage will experience intense pleasure and relaxation along with training for muscle soreness and kinks.

The purpose of the Irest massage chair is to relieve stress and pain, and also helps to align the spine, reduce blood pressure and pressure on nerves.

The relaxation and care your body receives from a massage chair can reduce the stress of working with high loads. This is confirmed by research conducted on nurses who are on their feet all day long and are regularly stressed. They had significant reductions in stress levels and blood pressure.

What is the best massage chair for your home?

We will answer this question in a short description about a massage chair, which deservedly ranks third in the top of the best massage chairs in 2020.

irest massage Chair in china

Irest massage chair – refers to the budget version of the massage chair. But for a low price, it contains quite a lot of functionality; this device will attract users for whom nothing superfluous is needed. This chair has as many as 10 automatic programs. 

It performs a full body massage, has 2 roller mechanisms moving along an S-trajectory, vibro massage of the gluteal zone, warming up of the lower back and feet. 26 air cushions will help bring lymph flow back to normal and get rid of the fatigue accumulated during a difficult working day. 

A unique feature of this model is that it can be folded 180 degrees into the bed position, which makes the massage even more effective due to the increased pressure of the massage rollers.

Why does everyone want Cardio?

Today it is not so difficult to find a reliable massage chair, because for this it is enough to have information, to know about the latest in the world of wellness technology, to have the money and to understand what exactly you want. 

Do you need any massage device for a ridiculous price? Buy the “amazing, beautiful and very cheap” thing from the TV store. Don’t want to waste time and effort.

Stop paying the psychologist!

Peace of mind will enter your home with Irest massage chair. Run Anti-stress mode often if you want to get rid of constant irritability, nervousness, chronic fatigue and insomnia. Cardio will take care of those who work too hard, and then take out their fatigue on loved ones.

 After the first session, you will feel that your eternally tense nervous system was surprised and relaxed, after the second, you will forget why you were nervous before, and after the third, you will understand that now you are a completely different person. From now on, you will not have to wait frantically for a vacation, because it is always at hand!

Important parameters to consider when buying Irest massage chair

Massage chairs perfectly relieve tension from the muscles of the back, neck, arms and legs. Of course, even expensive models cannot replace a professional massage therapist. However, modern armchairs are very close to this. Due to the large number of functions and types of influence, they effectively work out all parts of the body.

irest massage Chair 2021

I have been selling massage equipment for several years. I will tell you how to choose a quality massage chair for home and office.

Find out what types of massage the equipment is designed for

Different models of massage chairs perform different types of massage. Here the choice depends only on your wishes.

Roller massage – excellently relieves back pain. Rolling balls are passed from the neck to the spine, carefully working out the problem area. Depending on the task, the rollers can have different effects: rolling, patting, tapping, etc. 

A special type is acupuncture massage, when the rollers act pointwise. Some models are equipped with a scanning system, thanks to which the device takes into account your anatomical features. This function largely compensates for the lack of human hands and allows you to focus on certain areas of the back.

Vibration massage – soothes and at the same time tones the muscles. It is carried out using vibrating discs.

In some Irest massage chair models, you can combine different types of massage, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the procedure. For example, the Stretch Massage mode uses alternating action with rollers and air cushions to relieve tension in the muscles of the legs and arms.

 Stretching massage has a beneficial effect on posture. Pillows securely fix the body in the area of ​​the shoulders and legs, and the chair gradually unfolds. At this time, the rollers press on the back and arch it.


Some models are equipped with a zero gravity function, in which the muscles are maximally relaxed. This is due to the movement of the chair itself when you find yourself in a reclining position. This position, massage is more effective.

In expensive chairs, you can adjust the foot massager. In budget models, it may not be at all. However, if it is provided, then there is usually no adjustment function, and the massager itself has poor functionality.

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