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iRest massage chair Bluetooth 2021

Irest Massage Chair Bluetooth — Choosing the Right Chair

Irest Massage Chair Bluetooth – How to Choose the Right Chair?

Are you looking for a stress relaxation massage chair for your home or commercial use? If yes, then the iRest massage chair Bluetooth is exactly what you are looking for. Massage chairs are an effective way to relax after a stressful day at work.  They are not like the typical chairs, so you won’t be buying them every day. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right product for your use.

Today, we will discuss different features of a massage chair and also help you know the top products available in the market. But before that, let’s see why the iRest massage chairs are different from many other products in the market.

What Makes iRest massage chair Bluetooth So Special?

There are so many massage chairs available from different brands that you can buy. They fall into three main categories, such as core massage chairs, basic features, and therapeutic features. One prominent feature that makes them stand out from the rest is the iRest massage chair Bluetooth feature. With the Bluetooth feature, you can enjoy your favorite music and answer your phone calls, while relaxing on this an amazing massage chair. There is a high-quality headrest speaker that delivers amazing audio experience.

iRest massage chair Bluetooth 

Here are some of the best iRest massage chairs that you can buy for your home or commercial use:

1. iRest A303 SL-Track 3D Robotic Masage Chair – $1,599.00

This is a full-body air massage chair with great features, like Bluetooth, SL tracks, 3D smart rollers, and zero gravity. It offers brilliant spine massage therapy with its carbon fiber heating. The chair has Thai stretching and foot & calf massage. The chair is available in black and white brown. This product comes with a 3-year warranty.

2. iRest A188 Full Body Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair – $899.00

This is another great full-body massage chair by iRest. So, It features 3D smart roller, S Tracks, air compression massage, zero gravity, and auto body scan, etc. It has some additional features, like an extendable footrest, lower back heat, and auto massage programs. It is best for spine massage therapy. This product has a 3-year warranty and available in brown and black colors.

3. iRest A306 Voice Controlled Smart Massage Chair – $1,999.00

This is an expensive iRest massage chair that you can buy in black or brown color with a 3-year warranty. If you are looking for an iRest massage chair Bluetooth option with AI voice control, then this smart massage chair is the deal. This smart full-body massage chair features Bluetooth, instant access, lower back heat & vibrator, yoga stretching, zero gravity, SL double tracks, and 3D smart roller. 2021 It is best for spine massage therapy.

4. A900 SL-Track 3D Robotic Massage Chair – $1,399.00

Last but not the least; this is a full-body massager chair with 6 massage techniques. It includes 3D smart rollers, SL double tracks, and zero gravity. It is a pre-assembled massage chair with lower back heat and vibrator. You can use this chair for full-body or spine massage therapy. This chair has a 3-year warranty and available in black color only.

How to Choose the Best Massage Chair?

When choosing a chair for you, there are certain features that you must take into consideration. Here are the most important features that you should consider when buying your massage chair:

1.  Zero Gravity

This feature allows you to feel very comfortable as if you are an astronaut in space. Most of the latest chairs are designed with this important feature and it is a hot selling point. Because of this feature, the weight of your body will go more firmly on the backside of the chair, making you feel extremely relaxed. This allows you to experience a deeper massage, helping your entire body to take the stress off.

2. Heating System

This is an extra feature that you see in many latest high-end massage chairs. It depends on you whether you should opt for this feature or leave it for another feature that looks more important to you. Many modern-day massage chairs have this built-in feature because heating during the massage improves the metabolism of the body. It also enhances the circulation of the blood. If your budget is low, then you can simply ignore this feature.

3. Roller Track

Every massage chair mechanism starts from the roller track. Therefore, there are a few variations, such as S-Track, and L-Track. The S-Track is the latest industry-standard that follows your spine’s curves with its specific shape. On the other hand, the L-Track is the latest technology in massage chairs. It combines the S-Track and an extension under the seat. It ensures a perfect massage from neck to glutes as well as the back thighs.

There are four roller adjustment approaches, such as:

  • No Adjustment Technology
  • 3D Body Scan
  • Manual Adjustment
  • Two-Pronged Approach

Before you buy iRest massage chair Bluetooth product or any other chair, it is important to ask what adjustment technology it uses.

4. Recline Functions

Recline function tells the massage chair position. It ensures a great relaxation feeling and has vital importance. If the chair is missing this feature, then you will not be able to enjoy a complete massaging experience. Therefore, you must make sure that this feature is present before you take your massage chair home.

5. Massage Features

It is also important to know what massage features the massage chair offers. These features include therapeutic heat, body stretch, zone and point massage modes, and foot and calf massage. Many high-tech massage chairs also offer features, such as quad- or tri-rollers for feet soles. However, massage chairs with such advanced features are expensive than the other chairs with common features.

6. Bluetooth

The music itself has a therapeutic effect on the human mind and body. And what if you can have it on your massage chair? You can opt for the iRest massage chair Bluetooth product that comes with a built-in Bluetooth headrest. This is an important feature for those who are fond of music. This feature also allows you to answer your phone calls during the massage.

7. Remote Control

It is a smart controlling feature that comes with many latest massage chairs. It allows you to choose a specific massage type and duration with ease. There are even chairs that you can control through apps on your smartphone. These chairs are best for personal use at home.

iRest massage chair Bluetooth 2021 

8. Air Ionizer

This feature is available in only high-tech massage chairs. It may look like a small feature, but it increases the relaxation by releasing ions in the air around the face of the user during the massage. If you think this feature is important, then you can go for it.

9. Chromotherapy

The soft glowing LED lights in a massage chair offer chromotherapy that feels very relaxing. It becomes more effective when you combine it with music. Today, you will find more than 20% of massage chairs incorporating this feature.


An iRest massage chair Bluetooth product is one of the latest trends in the market. If you are looking for a massage chair with features like Bluetooth, zero gravity, SL tracks, and 3D smart rollers, then you can opt for this product. But before you choose one, it is important to compare the features of different massage chairs to recognize the best available option.

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