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ootori massage chair recliner

Ootori Massage Chair Recliner Vs Irest Massasge Chair Recliner

The Ootori and iRest massage chair recliners give massage therapy just like a masseur

Are you among those who want to enjoy the best relaxation experience in the comfort of their own homes? Then, the ootori massage chair recliner and iRest massage chair are the best options. It is because these chairs offer the best massage solution by lifting your mood. These chairs are of a unique design that successfully caters to the need of every age group.

We know that these massage chairs are the superficial technology that mimics the muscle and bone relaxing practice. This technology also seems to be an ideal system in providing full-body facial therapy in contemporary times. These massage chairs act equivalent to medicinal therapy. The practice appears exceptionally well when one tries to relax one’s muscles after a long tiring day at work. The person will eventually switch to relax mode on these reclining chairs.

Here are the details of the specifications of Ootori and iRest massage chairs.

Ootori RL-900L Massage Chair

 ootori massage chair recliner

This chair is the best product as ootori massage chair recliner and is thus very popular in the consumer market. The trending massage chair is a relief to the entire body muscles. Featuring a 50″ roller track length, the ootori massage chair works on the entire body muscles.

The system, therefore, pushes back and forth from the gluteal and piriformis muscles supporting sciatica issues. The seat, which mainly caters to lower back pain, is pertinent with a 30* tilt at a 120* angle. It happens specially to relieve back pain. Furthermore, the seat outperforms when the back roller effectively plays its part in relieving stress to the buttocks and hamstrings.

The specific massage chair is thus an ideal companion when coming to terms with different body parts. The massage recliner can adjust to varying width and length of the shoulders. Hence, the adjustability mode is at three levels, i.e., at a shoulder-width of 1.57″ to 8.27″. Along with this is the calves’ massage which can stretch to 4.27″. The chair eventually works off in different capacities. The adjustable gear in the chair facilitates an air massage for the calves, arm, and thighs. The chair’s gentle precision works off to give relief at three massage speeds, three levels of airbag so to relieve body areas gently.

The recliner’s gentle hands-on experience is what makes it the best. The add-on features are there, which include Bluetooth connectivity and a fitted massage roller. It consequently rotates under the feet in a forwards and backward direction.

Irest SL-A389-2 Massage Chair

ootori massage chair recliner 2021


The Irest massage chair, unlike the ootori massage chair recliner, is more into following Chinese ways of practicing. The self-inclination to follow Chinese medicinal therapy thereby helps in blood circulation and help promote health. The eco-friendly, charismatic quality of the Irest is what makes it best in the domestic and international markets.

The chair is a full body massager which serves to treat every part of the body equally. Moreover, the massage chair has an adjustable head cushion. The self-adjustable gear has a 10cm height frame. The outer cushion which supports the inner cushion helps to get either a frail massage or a very comforting massage.

Furthermore, the chair supports the back heating function. The stress reliever functions at 40*c-50*c, which collaborates with the human body wavelength. The heat sensor relieves cold and pain in the back. It ultimately gives rise to metabolism.

The multi-dimensional Irest massage chair offers built-in 3D audio speakers. It is because the favorite music is part of the relaxant journey. The loud music is on the go with the most enthralling 3D experience.

The Irest massage chair supports the manual operation. Inside the chair, there is a button that helps to adjust the backrest and thigh positions.  Alongside, there is a USB facility that will make the massage journey more enthusiastic.

Ootori Nova N500 Massage Chair


The Nova N500 ootori massage chair recliner stands in line with other high-profile brands. It is the most cost-effective massage chair with multiple qualities such as vibration function, foot roller massage, and full-body airbag.  

Head-to-toe massage options are available in the chair, which makes the recliner a sustainable product. It has eight massage rollers in the backrest. Furthermore, there are 34 airbags, all located at different angles. They are right there at the shoulders, legs, and arms. The chair has mechanical foot rollers too. The user can find 8 in the arms, 2 in the seat, 10 in the calves, 4 in the back and shoulders. There are 2 in the hip, waist, and neck.

The flexible nova massage chair has a super optimal adjustability function. The powerful recliner has an ascending and descending button. With one click, the foot position is a10cm above the head. The posture is 20cm above the heart, which is a quick fix to relieve back pain. The best option is that the chair has 3 level airbags. The speed and strength come along accordingly.

Irest SL-A100 Massage Chair


Unlike the ootori massage chair recliner, the iRest massage chair gives out more opportunities. The massage can be the user’s next-level experience. It is because of the user turning on its mode.  The memory button is there, which lets the user enjoy a very DIY personal massage.  It suits every body shape and type and hence enhances the user experience.  

The personalized massage acts as a sensor for the user. The recliner automatically sensor the back and shoulder position according to varying body types. The massage chair’s length is adjustable within a 3-21cm range. It is in alignment when the massage is taking place under the finger and tapping.

There is an acupressure point in this ootori massage chair recliner. The sole dominating massage is available in this chair which sensors in all body parts. The professional massager thus keenly helps in relaxing and relieving body stress. The Irest massage chair comes as a complete package. This SL massage chair comes with 38 pieces of airbags. There are three air pressure intensity levels that allow the chair to give an enthralling experience from head to toe.

The chair also holds the option of saving three different memory modes. These modes are a DIY option for different users according to their body shapes and requirements. The option that allows the user before starting is to push the relevant memory button. The chair recliner will start automatically according to the saved settings. From thereon, the user will enjoy the massage.

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