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iRest A198 Full Body Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair - 3 Year Warranty

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  • Full Body Massage Chair
  • 3D Smart Roller
  • S Tracks
  • Auto Body Scan
  • Air compression massage
  • Zero Gravity
  • Spine Massage Therapy
  • Lower Back Heat
  • Foot and Calf Massage
  • Auto Massage Programs
  • Extendable footrest

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*Three Year Warranty

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Auto Body Scan System

Auto body scan refers to your body height, weight and spine data detection, then adjust a proper massage position to match your neck, back, waist and so on. The smart system scans your back and delivers a massage that contours the unique spine curve of each individual user of the chair.

Intelligent mechanical hands

Intelligent mechanical massage hands constantly collect data on the curve of the back, emulating massage techniques employed by professional massage therapists, in order to offer you a stereo, multidimensional aspect massage. The intelligent massage hands emulate the methods used by professional massage therapists, in order to perform the following types of massage: kneading, squeezing, flapping, pressure, pushing, gripping, swinging and twisting.

The intelligent mechanical massage hands can move up and down on the neck, shoulders, back, and waist. They can automatically induce the specific curve of the human back, with a width range of 21 cm and a back range of 135 cm, which covers the entire back. The width can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm, with three width options.


The S-shaped curve that supports the body involves a combination of back massage structures and human engineering principles, so that you may enjoy a highly accurate back massage. It provides support to both your neck and back, especially the lumbar area. This position increases the effects of massage as it enables each disc of our spine to individually separate and decompresses, allowing nutrients to enter disc tissues.

Full Body Air Compression Massage

The air bags offer a compression massage to the neck, shoulder, arms, thighs, calves, and feet. In the manual settings, you can independently turn on and off any region of the airbags.

Zero Gravity

There are 3 stages of zero gravity, the 3rd being more reclined. When reclined fully, your legs are higher than your heart level, resulting in therapeutic effects that are incredibly effective and may be felt immediately.

Carbon Fibre Heating

Heat is provided to the lower lumbar region of the spine which helps relieve lower back tension and relax the underlying muscles and joints

Auto Massage Programs

A198 features a variety of different automatic massage procedures designed by our massage experts. Each automatic program is unique, and each program provides a different massage style. Some may focus more on kneading, while others may focus more on tapping. The intensity of the massage will also vary from the programs. There are healthcare, relaxation, sleeping, and so on. They can help you get a quick massage

Foot and Calf Massage

Foot rollers located on the bottom of feet spin and stimulate acupuncture points and multiple airbags along the sides and back of the legs and feet inflate and squeeze at the same time which generates a much deeper massage.

Extendable Footrest

The calf and foot massager can be adjusted according to each person’s leg length.

Combine leg rest and main body of massage chair together

Massage Robot3D Rollers
Rated Voltage110V ~ 60Hz
Rated Power120W
Maximum Load Weight330 Lbs
Recommended Height Range6.3 Feet
Total airbags38
Auto Time15/20/25/30 Minutes
Noise ≤50 dBA
Recline Angle90-170 Degree
Auto Program6
Gross Weight155 lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions40*20*13
Product Size47.25“ x 32.68“ x 40.16“
Required Recline Clearance2.9"

9 reviews for iRest A198 Full Body Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair – 3 Year Warranty

  1. Richard Hughes (verified owner)

    My wife (Linda) and I are amazed at what the iRest A188 Massage Chair does for us even though we are 74 years old! The options allow us to literally be massaged from the bottom of our feet to the top of our necks and at various intensity levels and with an excellent level of heat if we select that option. To say that we are pleased with the chair that we purchased in late December 2020, would be an understatement. I use the massage chair for 15 minutes in the early morning and again for 15 minutes in the late evening. Linda chooses to use it for 15 minutes in the afternoons. I question whether one could visit a professionally trained person at a massage business with a store front and experience the effectiveness of what this A188 does for us seven days per week in the privacy of our own home. Finally, we have found the staff at Alpha Vitality to be exceedingly customer friendly and accommodating. Though presently retired, in my many years as a Superintendent of Schools in two districts and a High School Principal at three different high schools, I dealt with innumerable vendors; yet it is with confidence that I say that I have never been more satisfied with a product (in this case the iRest A188 Massage Chair), price, and the people who sell it and stand behind the iRest 188 Massage Chair (Alpha Vitality)!

  2. Tam Cao

    I received the iRest A188 massage chair as a gift from my company after 20 years of service. It was delivered in 3 boxes: the seat base, the armrest, and the backrest. Since I was not too old (60+) I could easily put together those 3 parts by myself. Unfortunately after the assembly, I found out that the backrest was broken on the edge in shipping. So I asked for a replacement, and just a few days later a new backrest was sent to me along with a special gift as a compensation for any inconvenience. Wow, I did not expected the post-service was that good.
    My wife felt very happy when she tried this massage chair. It squeezed her arms and legs so good that she could feel the amazing blood circulation. Moreover all the massage technique of this chair was good enough to put her into relaxation. I used to enjoy this A188 after my workday. It’s so efficient in removing all my stresses. The heating from the backrest warmed me up in winter time as well as the kneading and tapping to my back drove me to a peaceful nap.
    iRest A188 is a good product to me with a reasonable price and a helpful service. I like the chat service where I can ask any question at any time instantly. This massage chair is a meaningful present from my company before my retirement. My wife and I really love it. I do recommend this brand name to anyone who needs a massage chair.

  3. Gary Wolfe (verified owner)

    I am amazed at what the iRest A188 Massage Chair does for me even though I am 76 years old! The options allow me to literally be massaged from the bottom of our feet to the top of my necks and at various intensity levels and with an excellent level of heat if I so desire. To say that I am pleased with the chair that I purchased the first of this year would be an understatement. I use the massage chair for 45 minutes every night before I go to bed, I am getting the best night’s of sleep I have had in years, it is so relaxing, it is hard to believe it is a chair giving me the message. I have been in retain my entire career and have been on my feet for as mush as 12 hours a day, I have a lot of back pain and the massage I get from my chair is doing a great job of reducing that pain. I am completely satisfied with my chair and would recommend it to anyone

  4. Jason Penninger (verified owner)

    Wonderful chair! I have chronic back pain, and a lot of pain in the sciatic. In order to help with this, and let’s face it I’m old and it feels good, the wife told me to buy the A188. One of the boxes was banged up from shipping and it was unfortunately the back where the rollers are. The airbags worked fine, but the back portion did not work. I utilized their FB Messenger option on the site. They looked at the pictures I sent, got a quick understanding of my situation, and quickly resolved by sending me a new back for the chair. Didn’t even have to send the broken portion back. So that hassle was taken off my plate. Now that it is together, I feel truly spoiled! It is amazing.
    During the time when it was not working right, my boss and I both looked to find out what the issue was. He nor I could fine a single negative comment or review on this chair. Now that it is together, it is amazing and worth every penny.

  5. Navid (verified owner)

    This apparatus is amazing!
    I have been in the medical field for most of my life and have had the pleasure of working with doctors and chiropractors.
    The Irest A188 helped me with what these doctors and hospitals been trying to do for years. The amount of time and money spent is not comparable! I cant wait for the new chair with bottom foot rollers since the A188 did not come with foot rollers. I use my massage chair every day and I just fall asleep after my session comfortably. Thank you .

  6. Rachelle Sellers (verified owner)

    The iRest A188 chair is one of the best purchases I have ever made. This chair feels amazing. The customer service is outstanding. I had received my chair and the remote was messed up, I contacted them and they had express shipped me a brand new one free of charge with no hassle. I would definitely recommend this’s actually better than the ones you see in the mall.

  7. Peter Mekael (verified owner)

    Very affordable very good quality… very relaxing

  8. Teri Wallace

    I’m a massage therapist. When I’m in between clients and at end of my day I’m in my chair. My remote broke during my move and I have been without it for 5 days now I really feel the difference. I Emailed and used messenger to contact them about a new remote. It is on the way. Thanks for the great service and especially the great massage chair.

  9. jmarrello (verified owner)

    The IRest A198 Full Body Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair is everything we thought it would be in a full body massage chair. My wife works for the School System in Food Service. She feeds Breakfast and Lunch to over 400 1st Grade through 6th Grade Students. She is on her feet all day. When she gets home, her back, legs and feet are killing her. She has worked for 25 years on her feet.
    I bought the IRest A198 Massage Chair to help her relax and remove some of the pain. I did have some initial problems with the IRest A198 Massage Chair. After I used the excellent Video Instructions, the IRest A198 Massage Chair was very simple to install.
    Unfortunately when I attempted to power up the IRest A198 Massage Chair, something was wrong and it would not work. I immediately reached out to Customer Service and I started working with Ashley. I provided Ashley the symptoms of the chair and Ashely immediately sent me replacement parts. After I received the 2nd Replacement Part, I installed the new part and the chair worked like a champ.
    My wife loves her new IRest A198 Massage Chair and uses it 2 – 3 times a day. Three of the biggest items that pushed me to this model is the back massage hardware moves up and down the back vs being stationary. The heat dissipates to the lower back and the back of the thighs. The Foot Rest extends out 6 inches for taller people.
    Ashley from Customer Services changed what could have been a very bad experience into an excellent experience and a very satisfied customer.
    Thank You Ashley and IRest

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