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MassaMAX A321 Full Body Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Massage Chair WIth SL Track - 3 Year Warranty

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  • Full Body Air Massage
  • 3D Smart Rollers
  • SL Tracks
  • Zero Gravity
  • Spine Massage Therapy
  • Carbon Fiber Heating
  • Yoga Stretching
  • Foot and Calf Massage
  • Bluetooth

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*Three Years Warranty

Massage Robot3D Rollers
Rated VoltageRated Voltage
Rated Power150W
Maximum Load Weight330 Lbs
Recommended Height Range5.25ft - 6.23 Feet
Roller Track Length53.15″
Rated Time20 Minutes
Total Airbags34
Recline Angle90-180
Seat Width20.08"
Gross Weight253.53 lb

Net Weight209.44 lb
Shipping Box Dimensions 63.8″ x 30.3″ x 33.4″
Product Dimensions66.93″ x 29.92″ x 46.46″

***Notice: This product is not suitable for people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

1 review for MassaMAX A321 Full Body Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Massage Chair WIth SL Track – 3 Year Warranty

  1. Headhunter Johnny

    I’ve had a massage chair (single track, stationary) for over 13 years and have served the family and guests well. I’ve been meaning to get an upgrade but the old chair was still ticking all these years and finally broke. We searched everywhere and I just couldn’t believe how expensive these chairs are at the retail stores (2-4x more!!). I even bought a cheaper one at a major online retailer but that just didn’t do it for us and returned asap (painful and costly to return, btw).

    This company “NAILED IT!” and got me THE massage chair that the entire family will enjoy for years to come. The quality is better than the chairs costing 2x or more. The features are complete, from the longer SL track, to the different modes (kneading/shiatsu, tapping, vibrate, combo), different programs (relax, comfort, stretch, custom targeted area(s) massage, auto sensing of body for better positioning, heat, compression…..), luxe look and feel materials, voice command, Bluetooth speakers, the list goes on!

    I don’t use the voice command and left it turned off as I do have the flexibility of using the remote or the side panel controller. They really thought about the user experience on the design of this chair. The compression is great (arms, shoulder, calves, feet) but I have to tone it down 1 level as the calves area compression is pretty strong. It’s not just a regular one way compression but an up and down “kneading” motion with the air to really get your circulation going. Oh and since I’m annoyingly ticklish, I don’t use the foot rollers, but everyone else in the family loves it! You can basically make this work for whatever the needs are of each individual user. We have people of different heights in this household from 5′ to 6’5″ and works well.

    Zero gravity ROCKS! This one has 3 different options for that and you don’t see that on the other chairs in the market. Heat is very helpful especially now that we have cold weather.

    Last and just as important are the people behind this company. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, that I have talked to (including their international partners) have been awesome to work with for my needs. They have shown sincere care to their customers that is above and beyond what I’ve experienced in the past. Awesome chair, awesome service…. What more can one want?

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