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7 Types of Massage Chairs: Cheapest to expensive

irest massage chair

Traditionally, all irest massage chair are classified into three main types:

Office (portable) with a neutral design and reminiscent of regular office models. Their purpose is to restore the efficiency of employees during the working day.

Home chairs, which are stationary full-function chairs and are very different in appearance from office models: they are much larger in size and have an increased level of comfort.

Vending machines installed in public places so that any visitor can get a massage session by paying for it, for which a bill acceptor is provided in the chair design, and the chair itself has a special control system that regulates, among other things, the session time depending on the amount of payment received …

As for the assortment of chairs, today it is huge, but the choice of an armchair must be approached very responsibly.

Choosing a massage chair

When choosing a massage chair, consider the following points:

  • a set of functions, and, first of all, types of massage, which the chair “makes”;
  • changing the massaging mode;
  • the possibility of zoning massage effects;
  • compliance of the parameters of the chair with the anthropometric characteristics of the user;
  • availability of a demo program;
  • high level of price / quality ratio.
  • Modern massage chairs have incomparably greater capabilities than their distant predecessors. Their functionality is huge, the efficiency is incomparably higher, and it has become much easier to use them.

Sensa Vending RT-M02A: Best massage Chair

The model has a built-in bill acceptor that can accept up to 400 bills. Here you can adjust the backrest where it can go up and down. The very design of the chair is easily adaptable to the characteristics of the human body, which allows for maximum relaxation.

 Chair weight – 91 kg. Due to the fact that the chair does not have wheels, it will be very difficult to mix it around the apartment or office. We can say it is quite normal as compared to irest massage chair.


  1. Can work in different massage modes;
  2. PU leather is abrasion resistant;
  3. Built-in voice notification.


  1. Heavy weight.

Zenet ZET-1100: Premium Massage Chair

The model will help relieve tension in the muscles of the back, neck, relieve discomfort in the lumbar region, and also easily cope with the occurrence of spasms in the back. The chair can work as a massage to strengthen the buttocks and thighs, thereby getting rid of cellulite. 

A special Shiatsu technique works using rollers that provide a synchronous effect on kneading the back, lumbar and neck. The chair itself is available in different color categories and is made of artificial leather, which is highly durable.


  1. High quality workmanship;
  2. Large selection of various types of massage;
  3. Can support 100 kg;
  4. The presence of an infrared heater.

Yamaguchi Prestige

The armchair has a stylish design and is made of genuine leather. Thanks to the chair, you can make a high-quality massage of the back, neck, lower back and buttocks. There is also a Shiatsu massage technique using massage rollers.

irest massage chair 2021

 Various types of massage are controlled using a small remote control. The chair can support a person’s weight of 130 kg, and the weight of the chair itself is 22 kg.


  1. Roller or vibration massage mode;
  2. Quality manufacturing;
  3. Withstands heavy weight;
  4. Stylish design;
  5. Convenient control via the remote control.

iRest SL-A91: Best irest massage chair

The chair has a special scanner that helps to scan the body for various problems and give your version of the recommended massage. Special handles allow hand massage. The model is equipped with adjustment for any person’s height, so it will be comfortable for a man and a woman. 

The irest massage chair is equipped with various massage techniques, including tapping, patting, kneading, Shiatsu, and combination. The special heating technology will help to further relax the muscles. The model can also stretch the back muscles.


  1. Great functionality;
  2. There is a choice of different types of massage;
  3. Convenience and comfort of the chair;
  4. Adjustment for human height;
  5. The presence of a heating function.


  1. No.

US Medica Chicago

This chair is very similar to the classic office chair, which does not stand out among the brothers. But the model is equipped with the possibility of various massage, among which are vibration, roller and Shiatsu. There is also an infrared heating function that helps relax muscles and restore comfort to the whole body.

 A special mechanism will help you adjust the chair to adapt it to your body type and height. The chair can support a person’s weight up to 120 kg. It is quite easy to control the chair because all control is carried out through a small remote control.


  1. There are three types of massage;
  2. Convenient control through the remote control;
  3. High quality workmanship and assembly;
  4. Withstands heavy weight.


  1. There is no choice of chair colors as compared to irest massage chair.

Casada Hilton 2 Massage Chair

A versatile chair that will help you massage the whole body. It massages the legs, arms, buttocks, thighs, lower back, back, shoulders, arms and neck. All types of massage are selected using a convenient remote control and an informative display. 

Here you will have access to 6 types of massage: 3D massage, relaxing, Shiatsu, rubbing massage, kneading and tapping. The chair can carry up to 120 kg and has a built-in human height scanner.


  1. There is a choice in black and white;
  2. Great functionality;
  3. Luxurious design;
  4. Convenient control via the remote control.


  1. High price;
  2. Heavy – 108 kg.

YAMAGUCHI Axiom YA-6000 Massage Chair

The chair has a function of zero gravity, adjustment for height, warming up the lower back, stretching the spine, choosing a massage from the list: twisting, air-compression, roller, massage of hands and legs. The chair can be controlled via a smartphone, which is quite convenient and simple as compared to irest massage chair.


  1. Large selection of different options and types of massage;
  2. Stylish appearance;
  3. Convenient control via smartphone;
  4. High build quality;
  5. There are special holders for your phone and tablet.


  1. High price.


Daily emotional and physical stress gradually builds up in the form of muscle and mental fatigue. Warming up joints and ligaments with massage will help you relax after a long day at work, but not everyone has the time and money to attend regular procedures. 

Especially for a more affordable solution to this problem, we have collected the best massage chairs in the TOP below. These devices will help you relax and stretch your back without the involvement of physiotherapists.

Best irest massage chair for home

For many, the process of resting after a grueling day of work turns into a daily ritual. I want to get as much relaxation as possible from the remaining free time. The ideal option in this case would be to get comfortable in the irest massage chair in front of the TV screen or with your favorite book in hand. Models in this category are designed for just such a mode of use.

Gess bend

This device is a whole complex of systems aimed at relaxing and healing the whole body. The manufacturer did not provide for the presence of footrests, this was done so that people with non-standard height did not experience discomfort at the time of use.

The designers have included in the program several massage modes, among which there are options for tapping, tapping and vibrating with different frequencies. You can adjust the intensity and cycle of work. Pneumatic cushions are provided for the lower legs.

How does this massage chair work?

The chair is controlled through a special remote control. For those who like to sit in the phone or tablet, there is a USB socket for charging the gadget. Unfortunately, the functionality of the device does not imply feeding a person sitting on it, but a unit with a robotic arm has such an option.

There are several operating modes with adjustable frequency;No footrest.
USB charger built into the chair. 

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