Which massage chair best you should buy in New Year?

Massage Chair Techniques

massage chair best

Roller massage can be performed in a variety of ways. In general, the more you are willing to pay for your seat, the more the technician will get. Massage chair best techniques fall into two categories: basic and advanced.

Basic techniques include kneading, tapping, rolling massage, and the like.

Advanced massage techniques are named after the countries that invented them: Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu – in case the technique comes from Japan, Guasha and so on.

In many models, it is possible to customize the roller massage by adjusting the roller speed levels and their intensity via the remote control. In inexpensive models, there is only one parameter, so it’s worth spending a little time to find out more detailed characteristics and setting options for the option you need.

Air compression massage mode chair

The Massage chair best offer two massage modes: roller and air compression. Air compression massage is used only in more modern models.

If you are looking for a chair with such an opportunity, then it is better to consult a specialist if there is one in your chosen model.

In general, as with rollers, the more massage cushions there are, the better the quality of the procedure.

As previously described about the adjustment of the rollers, also most of the chairs with air compression massage have the function of adjusting the intensity using the control panel. Of course, this function is not present in all models. There are several inexpensive ones, which have only one level of air compression massage intensity programmed.

As you can see, even the basic set of functions of the chairs is much more than it seems at first glance!

Management methods

There are three main methods of operating a massage chair. Almost all models are equipped with a remote control mounted on a swivel arm, for example with an LCD touch panel. Few devices released have application control that allows you to access the seat control using your smartphone.

Therapeutic features of massage chair best

massage chair best 2021

These are the features included in massage chairs that contribute to a better massage experience and help address some health problems.

Deep tissue massage

While the standard Massage chair best rollers have already lost their feature, the equipment market is trying to introduce new technologies. Which just includes the so-called “Deep tissue massage” or 3D and 4D.

The term 3D or 4D deserves some explanation. The reason for using it is that the rollers run up and down in standard models. In 3D technology, the rollers move in all planes, moving forward up to 9 cm. In 4D massage chairs, the rollers, in addition to moving in all planes, follow the Z axis.

4D Rollet Tech sets a new trend. This technology is installed on chairs with an elongated massage carriage, which we told you about earlier.

Which is the bet massage chair?

This chair is a novelty from last year. And since a novelty, then it must be the most technologically advanced, I decide, and the first thing I do is sit in it. While the proScan system determines my dimensions and adjusts to them for the most comfortable and correct massage.

I immediately note the convenience of the armrests – in this model, the hands “hide” in it from above, and not from the side, So that you can, as they say, put and forget, helps instantly relax.

What are some important functions of a good massage chair?

I don’t know how long it takes the happy owners of this chair to explore all of its possibilities. Of course, the easiest way to start is with standard programs, which include roller, air compression and vibration (goodbye, cellulite!)

By the way, active foot Massage chair best is a pleasant feature of this particular model. Most armchairs can offer them only pressure calves, and casters are also built into this. They work like the fingers of a masseur! You know, they are like the Terminator himself kneading your muscles: you won’t be able to escape, and you won’t want to.

National EC-386: massage chair best


Next to the National EC-621 Carbon in the store there was practically its twin, only two-tone. It looks very impressive. Of course, I decided to compare the impressions. The first thing that you pay attention to in this chair is a huge remote control, more like an on-board computer.

The most important thing is that it is absolutely intuitive: you press “On”, and then all the necessary information appears on the screen. Current settings, a miniature image of a man with an indication of the impact zones, etc.

massage chair best in china

By the way, a small remote control is also attached to the large remote control, so that the chair can be controlled from any position. In general, I did not have any problems with understanding the sophisticated technique of Massage chair best.

Unlike types of massage

They have National X as many as 352 (352, Carl!): 10 automatic and numerous manual settings. In addition to the already familiar techniques, it can simulate blows with the edge of the palm and does acupuncture massage.

Yes, you can choose a different regime all year round and never repeat it! Of course, it turned out to be not so easy to decide what exactly you want here and now without preliminary preparation. The Japanese know a lot about good technique, what else you can say.

MP-5 Pro: Massage chair best

Even on the way to the store, through the glass window, I saw this model. It attracts attention with its beautiful color – reddish-beige. Other seats, of course, are also not only black, but their beige – light and standard, similar to the interior of a car.

This one will fit into any interior of a house or a massage parlor. And, I can assume, will turn out to be more practical and not so easily soiled.

Pros and Cons

It turned out that in addition to the color, the chair still has a lot of unusual things. Firstly, they create it in the UK, and the British, apparently, have their own ideas about the combination of price and quality, so in its price segment it simply has no competitors.

 For example, no other chair for this price offers the pull mode I love. He also has a roller massage of the feet and as many as 20 massage heads. But, unfortunately, there was no mini-remote control in addition to a large remote control with a monitor.

Of the four armchairs, the massage in this one turned out to be the most intense, tough and most similar to the sensations of a massage. In addition, it is complemented by unique features, some of which are generally represented only in this model.

For example, the MaxRelax complex not only for the first time combines three types of foot massage at once, but also implies a circular rotation of the rollers, which is found in only 5% of foot massagers.


It’s great that in addition to the process itself, Massage chair best manufacturers have taken care of the safety of those who will use the National EC-610 EVOLUTION. It is, for example, equipped with protection against overheating and power surges.

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