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Guidelines for Using Your Massage Chair

Thank you for choosing our massage chair. It will bring more relaxation and enjoyment to your life. This guide will provide you with the correct usage instructions and important safety precautions. We hope it will help you better experience the pleasure of massage and ensure safe usage.

–Usage Guidelines–

• First-Time Use

Read the Manual: Before using your massage chair, carefully read the user manual to understand its functions and operating methods.

Check the Power Supply: Ensure the power connection is secure to avoid loose plugs or faulty outlets.

Adjust the Chair: Adjust the backrest and footrest according to your height and body shape to ensure a comfortable sitting position.

• Selecting Massage Modes

Automatic Modes: Most massage chairs come with various automatic massage modes, such as relaxation, soothing, and deep massage. Choose the mode that suits you best.

Manual Mode: Manually select specific massage areas and intensity to customize your massage according to your needs.

• Usage Duration

Moderate Use: Limit each massage session to 15-45 minutes, and use the chair 1-2 times a day to avoid discomfort from overuse.

Gradual Adaptation: For first-time users, start with low intensity and short sessions, gradually increasing time and intensity as you get accustomed.

• Precautions

Health Conditions: Consult your doctor before use if you have severe heart disease, high blood pressure, fractures, or skin conditions.

Children and safety: Underage users are not recommended to use massage chairs. Additionally, when adults are using the massage chair, they should ensure that young children are not nearby, especially within the operating range of the movable parts such as the backrest and footrest, to prevent any unnecessary pinching or injuries.