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About Us

Massage Chair Max is a leading and professional heath appliance service provider in the world. We focus on research and development, production, and marketing of massage products in the health industry, and service scope covers North America and Europe. 

We are lead innovators in luxury, high-quality massage chairs, and have multiple warehouses and high-speed logistic systems in North America and Europe, We provide clients with effective and budget-friendly health lifestyle solutions.

about us

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Truck/pickup provides delivery service within 200 miles of our warehouse.

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Meet Our Management Team

Shaperd Geo – CEO

Dr. Shaperd Geo is the co-founder and CEO of Massage Chair Max. He graduated from the University of Maryland and has over 30 years of research experience in the field of electric motors and control systems. His extensive expertise has significantly contributed to the advancement of massage robotics manufacturing and design.

Under Dr. Geo’s leadership, Massage Chair Max has become one of the leading massage chair companies in the United States. He is committed to advancing AI technology in massage chairs, aiming to transform them from a luxury item to an essential household product.

Ashely Wagner – Operations

Ashely Wagner is the Operations Manager at Massage Chair Max. With years of extensive experience in supply chain management and operational optimization, Ashely brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the company. Before joining Massage Chair Max, she held key positions in several renowned companies. 

At Massage Chair Max, Ashely is responsible for optimizing processes and managing the supply chain, ensuring that every aspect operates efficiently to deliver high-quality products and services.

Kachine Taylor – Marketing

Kachine Taylor serves as the Marketing Manager at Massage Chair Max. With over a decade of experience in digital media sales, channel and direct-to-consumer sales, marketing, business development, and general management, Kachine brings a wealth of expertise to her role. 

In her position at Massage Chair Max, Kachine is responsible for devising and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies. She is passionate about utilizing data-driven approaches to enhance the customer experience and amplify the brand’s impact in the market.

Tylor Bartow – Engineering

Tylor Bartow is the Engineering Manager at Massage Chair Max. With over twenty years of experience in the mechanical manufacturing industry, including more than a decade specializing in structural design and electrical control design for massage chairs, Tylor brings extensive expertise to his role.

In his position at Massage Chair Max, Tylor oversees the engineering team and leads the development of innovative massage chair designs.

Tylor’s passion for engineering excellence drives him to continuously seek out new advancements and technologies to integrate into Massage Chair Max products, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the industry.

Alex Cardona – Logistics

Alex Cardona serves as the Logistics Manager at Massage Chair Max, bringing a wealth of expertise in supply chain management and logistics operations. With a deep understanding of inventory management, transportation logistics, and warehouse optimization, Alex ensures smooth operations from production to distribution. 

In his role, Alex oversees the movement of goods, ensuring timely delivery to customers in pristine condition. His dedication to efficiency and customer satisfaction is integral to maintaining Massage Chair Max’s reputation for reliable and punctual delivery.

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